Our Mission & History

The Mission

The mission of Lost Connections Greeting Cards is to create the opportunity by which family or long lost friends who are estranged from each other can begin to open the door to the possibility of reconciliation.  Oftentimes, the first step toward trying to work things out is the hardest, most challenging one.  We hope that the products of Lost Connections Greeting Cards can help people take that initial step in the right direction of moving on from past issues and building a new and improved relationship.  One can never know if a new understanding is possible or if a resolution can be successful until they make the effort…

The History

The history of Lost Connections Greeting Cards is actually quite simple.  Several years ago, I was in a store which had a very extensive greeting card selection. There was an individual I observed who seemed to be distressed as they were searching for the right holiday themed card to purchase.  They muttered something out loud to themself, in my direction, along the lines of “None of these cards are going to work for me.”   The only response I had to offer was something like, “Yeah, finding the right one is always tough.”  Their response back gave me the idea of what would eventually become Lost Connections Greeting Cards:

“They don’t seem to make cards for people who have not communicated with their family for the number of years it has been for me…”

What The Experts Say On Estrangement

Dr. Damon Silas Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist who wrote a comprehensive essay on causes and effects of estrangement and the potential ways people can try to overcome the painful separation entitled, Mending the Broken Ties:  3 Ways to Heal a Strained Relationship.  The article offers an in-depth and professional explanation for how people find themselves distanced from their loved ones while offering advice on what one can do “…for [themselves] when coping with an estranged or strained relationship.”  And, of course, there is a mention of Lost Connections Greeting Cards: Helping People Reunite With People ™.

Dr. Silas has written a book entitled, From Mourning To Knight: Overcoming Loss​”, chronicling the losses he has experienced in his life, how he has worked through these losses, and how he has helped his patients through their own struggles and difficulties. He also has a follow-up eBook entitled, “​What’s Your ACTION Plan? 6 Powerful Ways To Get Unstuck In Your Life Now​, which details ways to help those who feel stuck in their lives take their next steps forward.


Sending a Lost Connections Greeting Card does not guarantee that a reunification will occur with someone from whom you are estranged.  However, for those who would like help in starting the process of rebuilding a broken relationship, sending a Lost Connections Greeting Card could be a positive step in the right direction.