How It Works

Step 1 – The Mission & History of Connections Greeting Cards

Select and navigate to 'Our Mission' to learn about 'Lost Connections Greeting Cards' and why it was created to help people reunite with people who are estranged from each other.

You can also review the 'Product Collection' display by navigating to the selection under 'Our Mission'.

Step 2 – View Illustrations

Navigate to 'View Illustrations'.  The illustration you choose will be the front of the greeting card.  Choose from any of the following:

  • The Holidays In Town
  • The Beach
  • City On A Hill
  • Nature By The Stream
  • Sunset In A Field
  • Mountain View

Step 3 – View Cards

Navigate to 'View Cards'. This is the section where you can choose the actual text related to the occasion which will appear in the greeting card.  There are 2 choices available for each of the following occasions:

  • Holidays
  • Birthday
  • Universal (no specific occasion)

Make sure to note the occasion and text you would like to choose.  Each greeting card comes with the 'Lost Connections' motivational quote written to inspire the sender and recipient to rebuild and maintain a positive and healthy relationship.  

Step 4 – Greeting Card Selection

Once you have decided on your 'Illustration' and 'Card', you are ready to select and purchase your greeting card.  On the 'Home Page', scroll down to the available products which are organized by illustration.  Find your card combination and select 'Add to Cart'.  Follow the instructions to either 'Continue shopping', 'Update Cart' or 'Check Out'.

Step 5 - Customize Your Card

If your greeting card is being sent directly to the recipient, we offer the option to add a digital Customized Signature and/or Note to your card for an additional $1.00.  If you would like to add customization, scroll to the 'Add digital Customization' section at the bottom of the home page and select 'Add to Cart'.  If ordering more than one card with customization, please specify which card when adding the note details (75 character limit).

Step 6 – Check Out

Enter your contact email address.  Enter the shipping address to where you would like the card to be sent. Select 'Continue to Shipping'.                 

 Step 7 – Shipping Info

Confirm your contact email and shipping address. USPS First Class Package shipping is included with your purchase for U.S. deliveries.  An email will be sent when the order ships which will provide tracking information.  International shipping rates apply.  Select 'Continue to Payment'.

Step 8 – Payment Information

Enter Payment information.  We conveniently offer Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover as well as accelerated checkouts through Shopify Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.  Select 'Pay Now' to complete your order.  

Cost per card is $7.99 each + tax (where applicable).  USPS First Class Package shipping (within the U.S.) along with a tracking # is included with your purchase. International shipping rates will be calculated at check out.